Tesla has quietly released the expected prices of its new all-electric semi truck on its website. Two options will be available, with the only difference between the tow being the range you can achieve on a single charge.

The entry 300-mile range model will cost $150,000 (that’s about £112,755 or AU$196,645), while the 500-mile range truck will cost $180,000, which converts to about £135,325 or AU$235,890. That $30k price increase may well be worth the investment if you’re planning on hauling goods through barren lands where charging points are hard to come by.

As our very own Tim Stevens explains, “entry-level semis cost upwards of $100,000 — but that’s just the beginning. Annual diesel costs alone can run up another $70,000, with total operating costs coming in at around $180,000 per year!” A one-time $180,000 purchase with no diesel costs on top could therefore make Tesla’s Semi an attractive option.

Tesla has yet to confirm precisely when the vehicle will hit the roads, but website electrek reports an ambitious 2019 date.