The world renowned Ford Focus turns sixteen and goes through a makeover! The vehicle has served over 3 generations since its launch and has been right on the pulse of customer needs!

So what interesting features does the new Ford Focus offer?

Car enthusiasts have offered mixed reviews after the test drive. The general impression is that the new Focus seems to render a more lively driving experience through better control over road bumps and a sheer calmness through enhanced interior design of the cabin. The new Focus is visually different and has a pure driver appeal. The revamped model has been designed to counter its market rivals the Golf or the Audi A3 by augmenting the linearity and progression of all the major controls in the system. If you are looking for mammoth changes in terms of driving precision or body work revisions, you might be left disappointed. Focus retains the same kerb weights, same interior space and the same small-sized boot (or maybe negligibly increased).

Some of the interesting features of the new Focus deserve a special mention in justifying how the car stands out of the pack. The improved ability to make and receive phone calls without taking your hands or eyes off the road must be good for safety. The car carries over the agility and the workmanship that is part of the Ford brand into its new model as well. As remarked by Rainer Woode, the Project Manager at Focus, the vehicle is expected to be a stunning beacon of hope for all those looking out for dynamism in driving. For the internal framework, there has been a bit of strengthening to make the car feel stiffer. New dampers with advanced valves and minimal changes to the suspension bushes to reduce unwanted wheel movement under heavy load, have been included.

Ford Focus now offers two new turbocharged engines, a diesel and petrol. The petrol engine promises a 4 to 6 percent increased fuel efficiency while the diesel engine is expected to showcase 10 percent fuel efficiency. The other technology upgrades that are expected to appeal to a wide range of car buyers are slimmed-down headlights, the hands-free perpendicular parking and the latest version of Sync 2 with a new connectivity system for better entertainment.

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