It is important to get a driving license to drive any type of vehicle on the road. Whether it is a bike or a heavy vehicle like truck, you need to pass the theoretical and practical driving test to secure a license to drive it. Here are mentioned some of the exam tips that would make it easier for you to learn more about a driving license test for driving heavy vehicles on the road.

Don’t misinterpret trainer’s silence 

Your trainer not just trains you but also test you. So, if you find that he is suddenly going silent, that is an indication that he is testing your driving skills. You need not be afraid or get anxious about why he is behaving like this. Such change in behavior doesn’t mean he does not like you. It is just that he is playing his second chance of testing you.

At this time, he can’t adopt a supportive role as he has been adopting during test conditions. As test situations are different from training situations, a change in difference in the behavior of the trainer is very likely to happen.

The ideal duration of a driving test 

A commercial license test is not an aimless drive. It is designed as well as approved by driving authority before clients are called for driving tests. It is important for all organizations who are conducting driving test to stick to a checklist of driving skills.

Your driving test is going to be challenging. Also, you will be needed to reach training venue at least fifteen minutes prior to the commencement of the exam. Along with this, the duration of the different types of driving test (theory or practical) must be a minimum of forty-five minutes in duration. So, it is needed that you keep yourself mentally prepare for an extended duration of concentration.

The camera installed in the cabin point towards you 

Camera is there to monitor the activities at a place. Many clients are not aware that it is there to record at all the things that are happening at a given moment of time. It is a way to prove that a client got tested at a specific time. A camera also aids in keeping the industry clean. It does this by ensuring that all service providers are answerable and can’t just issue a driving license straight away.

There are a specific procedure and guideline to be followed to take the test 

All those organizations that provide heavy vehicle training to candidates are expected to submit t in advance from the time that clients are going to undertake their test. On submitted, it is nearly impossible to change or swap test time of clients. It is needed that clients leave early for the event and organizations to abide to the guidelines.


The importance of a driving license test should not be underestimated. There is no substitute for proper study, practice solving case studies, on hands training and consistency to get a driving license.