Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you can’t change a tire on your car. It’s a simple job that only takes a few steps. If you find that you’re on the road when you get a flat tire, you need to safely get to the side of the road so that you aren’t in traffic. First, you need to remove any wheel covers and loosen the lug nuts. Use a jack stand to raise the car off the ground so that you can easily remove the tire. When you loosen the lug nuts, don’t take them all the way off. This will make it easier to tighten them after the tire is in place. The lady’s guide to changing a tire involves removing the flat tire and placing the spare on so that you can get to a mechanic for someone to either patch the old tire or put a new one on the car. Before you drive away, make sure you tighten the lug nuts and put the jack stand back in the trunk.

how to change a flat tire
Image via Every Car Listed.