Federal Aviation Administration has a few requirements that you must fulfill before applying for any pilot or flying school. If you are getting lessons from a good aviation school then it will probably be approved by FAA. This never means that you can’t get lessons from other schools. It is possible, but if you intend to get lessons from a good school, then you need to keep these regulations in your mind.


Keep one thing in mind that there are two flight schools. FAA approved and FAA non-approved.It is true that the schools that are non-approved offer flexibility in lesson scheduling and planning. However, if you are planning to fly for a good airline after your graduations then you should go for a school that is approved by FAA.

Education requirements

In order to enroll in an FAA approved school, you need to have a diploma of high school. There are some schools that even require associate’s degree but there are some schools that don’t have any such requirement. If you get a pilot graduation and you do not have college education then some airlines might not hire you.

You might get drug tested, credit checked and background checked. This is important to get hired by a good airline later. Some schools also offer financing which can cost between 30k and 50k.


You vision must be 20/20. Even if you get your training from an FAA non-approved institution then you need to correct vision to 20/20. Otherwise you might not get by any airline.

New Horizons

You can have flying hours even before getting into a flying school. You can try flying even when you are in high school. So, if you do not have any interest from the start, then do not enroll. Interest and starting flying hours will help you a lot.

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