Car vinyl wrapping is a great way toget a car looking show quality via a custom design or change of colour without it being a permanent commitment.The pattern is applied by placing sheets of vinyl wrap over the paintwork.You can read more about how car wraps work and how they’re applied as well as the cost here

However many people are confused over whether a car wrap is permanent once it is applied, and whether it can be removed after it’s been applied.

Is a Car Wrap Permanent?

In an answer no.

The beauty of a vinyl wrap is that it can be changed, removed, partially removed, anything you can possibly think of doing – it’s a versatile material that can be applied anyway you see fit. As well as that it takes relatively little effort to take care of a vinyl wrap as opposed to paint.

That’s one of the main reasons people choose vinyl wraps. The wraps can be temporary, so you’re free to change the look of your car as much as you want without needing a new paint job each time, because the bright, luminescent lime green might not be your taste in a years time.

How Easy Is It to Remove Car Vinyl Wraps?

It’s relatively easy to take off car vinyl wraps, but only if they have been applied properly in the first place. If the vehicle has been wrapped with high-quality material, the removal process is pretty easy.Our high-quality wraps are designed to leave no adhesive residue when removed,so the original paintwork isn’t damaged.

Remember that vinyl wraps need to be able to withstand weather and the daily stresses and strains of being on the road, so it isn’t as simple as stripping it straight off. However, all that’s needed is a heat source such as a heat gun, an experienced hand, and plenty of patience.

To remove the vehicle wrap, it needs to be heated to a certain temperatureand pulled backslowly at a 45° angle. As much surface area as possible needs to be covered when peeling off the wrap, so it’s important to use both hands with fingers spread as wide apart as possible.

For wraps that have been on a vehicle longer than three years, there’s a good chance the adhesion is pretty strong, so the removal process needs to be done carefully to avoid any separation from the vinyl and laminate.

If you’re interested in using a vinyl wrap for your vehicle, Wraps and Tints specialises in vehicle wrap installation and removal.Contact us to find out more.