We all have a dream car that we would love to own or see parked on our driveway. Imagine, getting out of bed in the morning and knowing that you were driving a Ferrari to work that day. It would certainly make the commute the office more enjoyable wouldn’t it? But perhaps there’s a reason why a car like a Ferrari is nothing more than a dream. It’s true that most of us can’t afford one. That’s just a fact. The majority of people reading this article won’t have half a million to spend on a new car. Unless of course they sold their house. Even then you probably wouldn’t have the car for that long because you’d have no where to keep it safe. But despite the dream of owning a car like this being slightly out of reach you might still have the chance to drive one. Here are some of the best possibilities.

Attend A Car Show

Come one, come all, to drool over cars that you will most likely, never be able to afford. From the new Bentley to that stunning Porsche. This is the fun of car shows. But it’s not just about seeing the cars on display. At some shows, you’ll get the chance to sit in these cars. If you’re very lucky, you might have a shot at driving one. At select car shows across the country, there is the possibility of getting behind the wheel of a supercar. Sometimes you’ll be picked out of a crowd and others you’ll have to queue for hours. Or pay a small fortune. But it will be worth it for a few minutes behind the wheel of these ferocious magnificent machines.

Become A Car Reviewer

Hey how do you fancy reviewing cars for a living? We’ll admit for the most part the cars you’re taking for a spin won’t be the stuff of dreams. Some will remind you quite a lot of the first car you bought off the market. But once you start to rise in popularity you’ll get the chance to drive some of the cooler rides. The best part is that these days becoming a car reviewer is easy. You don’t have to be hired by a magazine or TV producer. You can simply set up your own channel on Youtube. Start reviewing some of the cars you can get your hands on until you catch the interest of producers. At that point you might just be sent the new Porsche or Lamborghini to test.

Car Rental

You might not be able to afford to purchase a brand new super car. But we bet you could afford to rent one for a day or two. Ranging in the low thousands this is well worth the cost for the experience. Exotic car rentals are commonly used for special events like weddings or parties. But if you have the cash you can get one just to spend a day racing down the road. If you love this idea, you can start looking into it today.

Track Day

Finally, next birthday or Christmas we know what you want from your loved one. You want a track day. Choose from a choice of luxury vehicles and take it around the track with a professional driver. There’s nothing quite like this experience. Unlike driving a car like this on the road you can take those corners as fast as you want.

So while having a dream car on your driveway might be out of reach you can still get the experience of having a super car.