The answer to the question “When is it the right time to  from Quirk Reed LLP?” has never been clearer. Businesses and insurance companies have a team of lawyers that work for them. So, if you decide that you are going to fight on your own, then you are deciding to fight a giant without any weapons. It is extremely important for you to have the right kind of representation in your corner. Here are some things to think through regarding how to choose the right personal injury lawyer and when.

There are a lot of things that need to be considered when making that choice. You have to know the right time and what kind of lawyer you will need. Here are some things that will make that decision a little easier.

  • Find an attorney that will represent you and not the other side. Sometimes a lawyer will want to settle a case quickly so they will consider the position of the other side. You are not hiring them to settle a case. You are hiring them to represent you. After all, you are the one that is going to be paying the bill once the case is settled. So, make sure that the lawyer is looking out for your best interests.
  • Reviews tell a lot about a person or the firm that you are thinking about hiring. Go ahead and check out their reviews online, but do not stop there. Ask around the community about what other people think about them. There are others that the lawyer may have worked with. A personal review says a lot more than something that was put into print.
  • You may even want to ask questions about what other lawyers think about the one you are seeking to hire. If asked correctly, you will get honest answers. Sometimes this information comes out on its own because they will have been referred to by another firm. The point is that you will want to work with a lawyer that is part of a respected firm and not one that is frowned on by others.
  • Make sure that the attorney is experienced enough to know how to handle various types of claims. The last thing you will want to have happened is for the cases to take a turn and your lawyer not know how the new angle of the issue.

Most of the time a situation will not warrant an attorney. But when the other side is resisting to cooperate or you are facing charges that are not your fault, then you will want someone with the skill and knowledge to represent you in court. The last thing you will want to have happened is for you to make a choice and it is the wrong decision. That one choice can mean the difference between getting a judgment in favor of ending up losing your case and having to pay for the other parties’ court fees.