There are lots of reasons for buying a new car. You may have become bored with the old one, or you may just be fed up with spending so much on keeping it roadworthy. Sometimes our needs change, and we need more space, more comfort or more power. Most people change their cars every three to four years, so if you feel you may be ready to trade-in, keep reading to find out what you should be buying next.

New cars are great if you want to outdo the neighbors and all your friends. Sadly, that may be all you are paying the extra premium for with a new car. As soon as you drive them away, they are worth less than what you paid. Of course, the benefits are numerous in terms of knowing nobody else has driven it or modified it or crashed it. Plus, you have peace of mind that everything is under warranty should it be faulty.

Buying a used car is significantly cheaper. You also benefit from knowing that any little problems from manufacture have been sorted by the previous owner with you having any of the hassles. Providing you find yourself a garage and mechanic who can get to the root of any future problems, like you should be able to enjoy your used car. Most people buy a used car in cash, meaning they are not paying interest on the finance they would have to take out to buy new.

If you buy a used car, you may want a mechanic to check it over thoroughly while it is still under the limited warranty from the garage you bought it from. This will ensure you have a good car that is safe and secure. This peace of mind will certainly help you enjoy your purchase much more. With a used car, you can be worried about its history. There are many apps available that can check whether it is stolen or has been involved in an accident that should have written it off. Used cars tend to be much cheaper to insure because their value is much lower than a new one.

When it comes time to sell the car you have just bought, a full service history goes a long way to helping. Potential buyers want to see that you have looked after the vehicle and kept it well maintained. It is thought that those who take the time and spend the money maintaining and servicing their cars drive them more carefully to avoid wear and tear as well. If you bought the car without those documents in place, it might be harder for you to sell it on again.

When you buy a car, it is rarely for the investment, as cars usually lose their value or depreciate year on year and mile on mile. However, some classic cars can hold their value well, like some VW camper vans and the classic mini. Sports cars like 1980s Porsches are also doing well. They are cheap to buy at the moment but don’t seem to be losing any money year on year. Buy the car that serves you best, and enjoy some happy driving.