Are you appearing for motorcycle driving test? Riding motorcycle can be a thrilling experience and most of the young people will never like to miss the opportunity to drive across the city with his girl-friend. However, before you drive on the road with your helmet and leather jacket, it is necessary that you clear the driving test.

If you fail your driving test, then you have to again go through all the hassles of paperwork, standing in the line and submitting your form etc. So, if you want to avoid all these hassles, then read these tips which can help you to clear your motor driving test.

  • Prefer smaller motorcycle for driving test

Large motorcycles are usually quite heavy and if you are a learner then you may find it inconvenient to handle such vehicle. As compared to that if you choose any smaller vehicle then it will be easier for you to handle and can easily maneuver for any tricky path provided during driving test. There are better chances of success by using any smaller motor cycle.


  • Study and know about various road signs

You should try to remember these basics while you appear for driving test. Forgetting any of these basic rules may result in disqualification. Therefore, road signs must be fully ingrained in your mind. There is a website which can help you take road sign test and motorcycle driving test, please click here.

  • Read the handbook for all rules of your state

You may have cleared your written test however it is important to know various driving rules specific to your state where you are currently living. While maneuvering if you make any illegal turn then you can be disqualified.

  • Do sufficient practice

Just learning to drive motorcycle is not good enough to clear the driving test unless you drive like an expert driver. If you do not practice enough then you will often have a feeling of nervousness while driving. Therefore, do sufficient practice so that you develop more confidence that your examiner will also be able to notice.

  • Reach the driving test spot well in time

You should not give another chance to disqualify you for the driving test by reaching late. Rather you must try to arrive 15 minutes before your schedule timing.

  • Keep your cell phone switched off

Keeping the mobile phone is not illegal but answering any call is. Therefore, keep your cell phone switched off so that you will not get any calls during the driving test.

  • Relax

It is very natural that people may remain little tensed when the driving test is conducted. This can also happen with an expert driver too. Therefore, try to keep your mind relaxed as much as possible.

  • Listen to examiner carefully

The examiner may give many instructions while conducting your test and you must listen to him very carefully. In case, you did not understand what he said then don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Avoid applying brake abruptly

While driving during test, avoid applying brake abruptly while making a turn and try to apply it evenly in a safe manner.