There are many good reasons to own a pickup truck. From their frame cross member to their rear axle, they are very durable. They offer great towing and hauling capacity, they make you feel big and powerful, and they just look cool. Pickups are also versatile. You may have had a specific purpose in mind when you purchased your pickup, but there are many other uses to which you can put it that you might never have thought of.

1. Tailgating

Yes, pickups are already strongly associated with tailgating, but there are different approaches you can take. For example, if someone else’s truck is already serving as tailgate HQ, you can turn your truck bed into a massive cooler by filling it with ice and drinks as high as you can.

2. Picnic Table

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to find a picnic spot? Turn the side of your pickup truck into a picnic table and you’ll never have to look for the perfect spot again. Two support pieces hook over the edge of your truck bed. Cut a two-foot-wide piece of plywood to rest on top of the supports. When cut to the length of your truck, it can accommodate family or friends.

3. Camping

There’s nothing like sleeping out under the stars, but dirt and creepy-crawlers can spoil the fun. You can sleep in your truck bed, but that might be a snug fit. Another alternative is a truck tent that actually sets up on top of your vehicle. They bring you closer to the stars and well out of reach of most insects and wildlife.

4. Stage

Perhaps you play music and are looking for a venue. The bed of your pickup can serve as an outdoor stage. Keep in mind, however, that you still have to abide by any applicable laws, such as parking or noise restrictions. As long as it’s legal, however, go ahead and crank it up.

5. Pool

It can be done. You can turn the back of your truck into a pool. All you need, besides the water, of course, is a tarp with which to line your truck bed. Just be sure to limit the number of people in there at a time because of the weight of the water.

You can also use your truck as a parade float or a hayride vehicle during festive occasions. There is a lot of creative fun you can have with your truck. Just consider safety and comply with any applicable laws.