Getting locked out of a vehicle or building is never a fun experience. While you may make every effort to keep track of your keys, most people will eventually lose one or more keys. To prevent costly lock changes and the like, it’s wise to keep extra key copies on hand. Here are a few keys you should consider duplicating.

Car Keys

Car key replacement services Orlando will help you avoid the dangers and inconveniences of getting locked out of your vehicle late at night or while you’re out of town. Keep a duplicate car key in your purse or wallet, or even in an inconspicuous key safe hidden on the car itself (choose a model with a combination lock, so that only you can open it). While it may seem unsafe to hide a car key on the car body, keep in mind that really determined thieves will probably be able to break in without a key anyway, so the presence of an exterior key is not risky in itself.

House Keys

House keys are one of the most common keys to create duplicates of; they’re not just handy for your household, but for neighbors, extended family members, house guests and close friends. Consider having several house key duplicates on hand in a safe cabinet in your house or on your key rack, that way they’re readily available anytime you need to share them. You might consider giving a key to a couple of trustworthy friends or neighbors, so they can check on your house when you’re away or let you in when you’ve left your keys behind. You might also keep a key in an exterior lockbox or hidden key safe for emergencies. Consider numbering key duplicates and keeping a written log of the location or owner of each key.

Safe Keys

If you have a home safe, it’s a good idea to make a limited number of key duplicates. Keep a copy of the key in a location outside your home, just in case. You might keep one in your exterior key safe (along with your house key), but consider stashing one at a trusted friend or family member’s house in the event that something unexpected happens to you or your family.

Duplicate keys are a huge headache-saver. They will give you peace of mind that no matter where life takes you, you’ll always be able to get into the places you need and grant access to loved ones as well.