GPS truck tracking allows small business owners to know the exact whereabouts of their inventory while in transit. The advantages that this technology brings to customers and businesses are powerful and affordable methods for tracking and monitoring assets. Fleet solutions include GPS tracking systems that are efficient, simple and cost-effective. The result is a higher value at a lower cost. Solutions allow you to track trucks to deliver real-time data on the activity, location, and mobile inventory, improving business performance and customer service. The result is maximizing the bottom line byeradicating inefficiencies, lowering operating costs, and saving time.

Monitor Fleet Activity

GPS tracking devices can improve your business and your entire management team by providing instant ability to track a vehicle wherever it goes. The interface provides fleet management with insight into vehicle usage, driver habits, scheduling, and efficiency. In addition, if your vehicles cross state lines or engage in long-haul travel, you are assured that your operators meet state and national road time regulations. Furthermore, valuable reports enable you to manage the driving habits and behaviors of your employees. For instance, you can monitor the mileage, idle time, harsh braking, speeding, and stops activity, enabling you to save money by reducing fuel usage and increasing operating efficiency and safety.

Pinpoint Vehicle Location 

Customers expect more when it comes to fast deliveries and on-time service. For that reason, advanced tracking technology helps improve business. With GPS tracking systems, you can accurately predict arrival times for improved customer service. Tracking also helps locate and recover stolen vehicles, reducing increased premiums and deductibles. Furthermore, geofences outline custom barriers that alert you when vehicles enter or exit a fence. Real-time alerts, sent via text, email, or voice, provide valuable information and assistance in monitoring driving behavior, and identify unauthorized usage. In addition, you can find, dispatch, and group vehicles in relation to the nearest address, or generate the quickest route to a particular location.

Inventory Management

GPS tracking is not just for shipping. Fleet companies use GPS devices to manage assets and track inventory. A majority of traditional inventory tracking systems notes the location of your supplies within the warehouse upon arrival of the shipment. If the pallet or crate is later transferred to another location, it can easily become lost or misplaced. GPS tracking ensures that this does not become a problem. By accurately locating and monitoring your inventory tracking process within your warehouse, you can reduce lost inventory and shrinkage rates.

Whether you have a dozen vehicles or a few hundred, the tools you utilize determine the success and profitability of your business operation. Tracking solutions deliver unprecedented real-time visibility into your fleet by connecting you to the requisite tools for capturing opportunities, curbing costs, reaching your business goals, and increasing your profits.