When you think of Mercedes-Benz, quite a few words probably come to mind. They are known for vehicles that are expensive, luxurious, and high-quality. But one of the other words you might well associate with them is innovative.

The brand, who are currently number one in world sales for luxury vehicles, even have a department for innovation. They continually push forward with new concepts and futuristic features in their cars.

From luxury coupés to executive saloons, the manufacturer has a lot of cars that feel intuitive. Here are some of the ways Mercedes-Benz innovates the auto industry.

Consumer Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz produces some of the best cars on the market today. Their vehicles are equipped with breakthrough safety features. Automatic braking, auto-pilot, and multimedia touchpad screens are common in their vehicles. Some even have a safety feature to protect the driver’s hearing in a crash.

They still beat out their main rivals Audi and BMW when it comes to shifting innovative luxury autos. You can find their consumer offerings at Mercedes dealerships, such as Inchcape Mercedes. There are Mercedes-Benz vehicles for all purposes. Each of them boasts the innovative features and high-quality production the brand has become known for.

They’re also ahead of the game when it comes to customer care. A book about their dedication to customer service, titled Driven to Deliver, became a Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

The Wider Market

The brand doesn’t just stay ahead when it comes to consumer coupés and saloons. They create a range of inventive vehicles, catering to some pretty niche markets.

You probably know them for their luxury coupés, but did you know about their luxury golf-cart? Mercedes created this cool little buggy in collaboration with Garia. It offers a touchscreen for driving commands and even keeps the score of the game. Only a few models are available for demonstration purposes as of now. But if there’s enough demand from consumers, they may become available for golf lovers.

They’ve even made military vehicles. Their G63 AMG 6×6 was designed for the Australian military. But it’s not just the army who are using them. Formula One superstar Lewis Hamilton was seen showing off his own G63. Although the public can buy one, there’s a hefty price tag on them. This makes them more of a luxury possession for rich celebs.

The Future

For a long time, Mercedes-Benz has been working on concepts for supercars. This includes futuristic self-driving cars. They’re also working on a car that transforms from a saloon into an aerodynamic automobile.

They’re also working on public transport. Thier self-driving ‘future bus’ recently took a 20 km test-drive through Amsterdam. The vehicle can reach up to 70km per hour, and it is hoped to make public transport safer, faster and more efficient. Although the test drive went well, it’s unclear when we’ll see these on our roads.

Another vehicle they’ve created with the future in mind is an electronic truck. The rechargeable Urban eTruck can carry up to 29 US tons for distances of up to 124 miles. They hope to release them by 2020.