Brake trouble is already stressful enough when it happens to you. The last thing you want to have to worry about on top of that is choosing the wrong mechanic to trust with the repair work. You could easily wind up spending a small fortune on work that isn’t up to the quality standards you deserve. Naturally brake issues constitute an emergency, but it’s still worth taking the time to compare your options. Here’s how to make the whole process easier.

1. Get some recommendations.

One of the most reliable ways to find good service providers is to ask people you trust for recommendations (e.g. family, friends, or online social circles). Such people are much more likely to be completely honest about their experiences. You should also check out a variety of online reviews to make sure you understand what you can expect from all of your options.

2. Look at the whole picture, not just price.

Brake trouble is not only costly, but it has a way of occurring at the worst possible time, so it’s understandable that price would be one of your primary concerns. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t be your only concern. The idea is to strike a solid balance between affordable and reliable as far as the repair shop you turn to for help.

3. Consider contacting a brake specialist.

Sometimes the best way to go when you need your brakes done is to call a service provider that specializes only in brakes. They’ll be a lot more likely to do the type of quality work you’re looking for, and some even bring additional perks to the table that could really come in handy. For instance, a brakes only mobile service can not only fix your brakes, but will be able to come to you instead of the other way around. How’s that for convenient?

4. Don’t wait until you’re in a jam to shop around.

Although circumstances don’t always allow for it, the best way to choose a great mechanic is to do your comparison shopping before you actually need their services. You’ll be in a clearer frame of mind and less likely to make a snap decision you might live to regret. You’ll also save yourself the stress of worrying about what to do if a problem does occur.

Sooner or later, everyone needs brake work performed on their car, but the right mechanic can make it infinitely easier to get through the experience. Start the comparison process today and avoid the stress!