Reuters reports that the Lamborghini Huracán is doing exactly what it was intended to do for the brand: increase sales. The company set yearly sales records up to and including the first full year of the global financial collapse, moving 2,430 units of the Murcielago and Gallardo in 2008. But even 1,144 combined horsepower couldn’t keep that momentum going, and by 2010 that had dropped to 1,302 sales worldwide.

Retail success returned with the markets and buyers who deemed it finally safe to be seen in a brand-new six-figure car. Last year, the company set a sales record of 2,530 units, a 19-percent increase over 2014. In an interview with Reuters, company CEO Stephan Winklemann said that Lamborghini should break that number this month. The momentum is coming from the US and Asia, specifically Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Sales in mainland China are “broadly flat,” but that has to be considered success when other much less spendy carmakers are hurting something awful in the People’s Republic, and luxury makers have returned their primary attentions to the US.

Next year could be even better, with the Huracán Spyder going on sale in the spring. Two years after that, the brand plans to double its current sales with the arrival of its supersport crossover, which has a target of “about 3,000” per year.