Mailing things can be an arduous process for both the sender and the recipient. Besides the effort it takes to prepare an object to be mailed and the time cost of waiting for it to be delivered, mailing parcels comes with the added uncertainty that whatever’s inside might be damaged when it finally arrives. So, when you need hopper bottom jobs to deliver a bunch of supplies, here are some things to know to make the challenge easier.

Make Sure Your Box is Pristine

The person who will be sorting tons of packages onto the backs of vehicles will likely put a lot of stress on the packages. Make sure that whatever you use to hold your valuables is strong enough to protect whatever is inside. It will likely sit under several of pounds of other stuff. Don’t use old or worn out boxes because they might not hold up through the trip.

Transport Batteries Separately

When transporting electronics, you should remove any AA and AAA batteries. Batteries have a risk for overheating when being transported, which is why some carriers a limit how many batteries you can put in one package. Lithium-ion batteries are especially hazardous can combust under certain conditions when on the road. Be aware of carrier guidelines for transporting these kinds of batteries, you can avoid a headaches down the road.

Keep That Tracking Number

Tracking numbers are more useful than ever. Think of them as receipts that you can use as a reference in various situations. To soothe any anxiousness you might have, use your tracking number to check the status of your shipment online. You can always know where it is and if it’s on schedule. In the event that the worst does happen, You can use your number as a receipt to help the carrier find it and take the necessary next steps.

Pack Light

Do not overweight your packages. Unusually heavy packages can be damaged en route to its destination. A prime place for heavy packages to be damaged is when it’s being put in the truck. People often toss mail casually into the vehicle risking valuables inside. Make it easier on the people making deliveries by spreading your objects across multiple boxes.

Mailing parcels can be a hassle, but taking steps to smooth out the process can go a long way. Track your packages, be careful that what you put in them follows delivery guidelines and you’re ready to go.