One of the most difficult aspects for preserving your classic car is that of time. There are many ways that prolonged exposure to various elements can harm everything from the body to the tires. Although preserving an automobile can be an involved process, it can help you keep the vehicle in mint condition. With meticulous care, the vehicle can look as it did the day it rolled off the assembly line.

Body Protection

There are many waxes and polishes you may want to use on your vehicle to prevent the UV rays from causing damage to the paint. Your vehicle is just as sensitive to sunlight as you are, and a protective coat of UV-blocking wax or sealant can help preserve its color. Perhaps a car cover may be a better solution to block the sun’s rays. As long as you stay away from abrasive surfaces such as plastic, you can prevent the body from being scratched while it sits in storage.

Preventing Tire Rot

Over time, tires can show the effects of weather rot and age. Without proper maintenance, the tires can become cracked and looked parched making use unsafe and unrealistic. Prevent tires from getting to this point by regularly washing them with soap and water. Do not use alcohol-based cleaners or those using petroleum. Like your skin, you don’t want to use chemicals that can dry out the surface of the tire. Also, maintain recommended air levels whether you’re driving the vehicle or not. In fact, many professionals suggest driving the vehicle at least one per month to keep various aspects of the car in prime condition – including the tires.

Gasoline Protocols

After time, gasoline can begin to “varnish.” In this stage, it can still burn – but it may cause complications. If you’re planning on storing your vehicle for any length of time, it’s advisable to drain the gas using pump syphons. Many professionals advise using fuel stabilizer to help keep gas from causing future complications as well. This is an additive that you put into the gas tank that helps promote gosline integrity over time.

Classic car restoration can be incredibly involved and enjoyable. When it comes to protecting your vehicle from the ravages of time, there are many ways that can help you keep the vehicle in pristine condition. If you’re ever in any doubt, contact restoration professionals for advice and tips for protecting your treasured automobile. Don’t let time take away from the elegance and beauty of a classic car.