Cellular phones have helped people make great strides in being able to maintain contact even when not sitting behind a desk or at home. No longer do you have to lug around a laptop in order to work remotely. Instead, keeping a small phone nearby allows you to keep plugged in without sitting still. Unfortunately, with the rise in cell phones and their convenience has come a rise in risks on the road.

There are over 100,000 Americans who are texting while driving during the day. Texters aren’t the only ones with a tight grip on their phone, though. Around 660,000 drivers are holding onto their cells at any given point throughout daylight hours. According to statistics collected by the National Highway and Safety Administration, 10 percent of all text messages that are sent are done while the texter is behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Nearly 11 percent of driving time has been relegated to time spent speaking on the phone. When you consider the amount of driving time averaged by most adults in the U.S., that percentage is quite striking. In fact, the amount of calls made via a cellphone while the person should be focused on the road makes up a whopping 28 percent of all the cellular calls that are made. Distracted driving continues to increase as one of the biggest risks to those on the road. Learn more about how cell phones affect drivers.


distracted driving infographic