When you choose to buy a new car, you will have needs and wants in mind. You want it to be faster than lightning, but you need it to be safe enough to drive your kids around in. Or, you want a two-seater sports coupe, but your partner is starting to hear their biological clock ticking. You get the idea. Luckily there is a car for each one of your needs, and many of them can fill some of your wants too. So enjoy, as we pinpoint the best of the best in each of the major categories.

Family Fun

A family car needs to be a number of different things. It has to have a lot of space for your little ones to fit in the back. It might need a huge boot for the family dog. You will, of course, be looking for a car with the best safety features and if you are chauffeuring kids around, fuel efficiency. So, what is the best car to match this category?

We think the Skoda Yeti is the perfect choice here. It has got the look of a powerful four by four beast, and the price is, reasonable. No one will want to get in your way on the early morning school runs, and it is the perfect spacious car for bigger families. It’s fuel efficiency is nothing to scoff at either, easily achieving sixty miles per gallon. This is the perfect car if you want to take a little adventure off a road in your spare time, as well.

You’re Hired!

If you are looking to buy a car for business, you are going to want to impress the clients. Perhaps even closing down a business deal by conveying success. We have got you covered on both fronts. But remember, if you are paying for fuel you are also going to want a fairly green car for those long business trips. Something fun to take around the corners wouldn’t be a half bad idea either. Then oh lord, you won’t you buy a Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes know style, they know speed, but most of all, they know how to make an excellent all around machine. Your clients will certainly be impressed by how successful your business must be if you pull up in the new C-Class Coupe. But, if you want to get the same effect and save some funds, look for an older used model on a site like http://www.gmtautosales.com/.

Darn First Time Drivers

We love you really first time drivers, no matter how much you block up the roads. If you are buying your first vehicle after passing your driving test you want a car that is fun and modern but also affordable. Remember, you have to think about insurance as well as the base price of the car. Unfortunately, that means a lot of power is not in your foreseeable future. On the other hand an average amount of power…that can be arranged.

Yes, the classic choice that never goes out of style for new drivers is the Volkswagen Golf. They are fun little cars to drive with a powerful engine to boot. If you want a little more power, you can get the GT model, but this will push up your insurance.

There you have it, the best choices for buying a new car no matter what your need.